Fast, efficient and universal - intelligent
USB charging at your fingertips

The Atdec Intelligent Power Module brings the latest USB charging technologies
conveniently above the desk.
The USB Type C connector is now being adopted by all the major manufacturers of mobile devices (phones, tablets and
laptops). It is reversible, making it simpler and easier to use, and enables significantly faster charging than was possible with the USB Type A connector. Atdec’s intelligent pose module provides both the new USB-C port, for enhanced fast charging
of compatible devices, plus a USB-A for charging legacy devices – suiting users with any USB powered device old or new.
Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR)

The intelligent chip inside the USB charger recognises the mobile device and provides the optimal amount of power to charge
it as fast as possible. It supports any mobile device irrespective of brand and model and provides the optimal amount of power
requested and required by the mobile device.

Power Module Image
  • Commercial grade. Designed to last. 5000+ insertion USB connectors.
  • 5 amps (25W) combined output.
  • Independently tested to IEC & UL 60950-1.
  • Designed for seamless integration with Atdec’s AWM and AF monitor desk mounts.
  • Upgradeable via simple cartridge replacement.
All-in-one integrated space-saving ergonomic solution

The power module integrates seamlessly at the base of the AWM and AF monitor mounts which helps to optimise
the use of work space.

Power Module Image
Peace of mind for businesses

Allowing staff to use unregulated USB chargers in the office represents a risk to businesses - particularly as they are often left plugged in
overnight, thus creating a potential fire hazard. This is in addition to the human safety risks that cheaper personal chargers can create.
High quality components ensure the Atdec Power Module does not overheat and in the unlikely event of an issue will initiate a self shut down response.

USB charging outlets 1 x Type A female 1 x Type C female
Charging current Type A 5V up to 2.5A Type C 5V up to 3.0A Maximum combined output 5A
Rated Total Output Power 25W
AC Voltage Range 110-240VAC at 50/60Hz
AC Input Current (Full Load) Maximum 0.6A
Efficiency Up to 90%
Environment 0 – 30C / 85% Relative Humidity
Standby Power 0.05W
Protection from External Surges Yes (3.5kA for 8/20us Pulse)
Internal Over Temp Protection Self Resetting
Internal Over Voltage Protection Self Resetting
Output Over Current Protection Self Limiting
Short Circuit Protection Self Resetting
USB Sockets Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR) Gold Plated for Improved Contact Type-A specifically
manufactured for minimum 5000 insertions. Type-C for minimum 10,000 insertions
Power indicator Blue LED
Cable Compensation Voltage Adjustable to compensate for cable loss
Standards Certified to IEC 60950-1, UL 6050-1 AND EN61204-3//CISPR22
Compatibility (examples only, not exhaustive)
Apple iPhone/iPad Yes - Type A Apple 2.4A Type C 5V 3A
Apple MacBook Laptop Yes - Type C - 3A
Google Pixel Phone + Laptop Yes - Type C - 3A
Android (USB BC1.2) Yes - Type A
Samsung Tablet Charging Specification Yes - Type A
Blackberry Yes - Type A
Device Charge Times 10 to 90% Charge Time [Min]
iPhone 8+ 71 (Type C) 75 (Type A)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 69 (Type C) 87 (Type A)
iPad Pro 9.7 125 (Type C) 235 (Type A)

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