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  • The Atdec Intelligent Power Module brings the latest USB charging technologies conveniently above the desk.

    Commercial grade. Designed to last.

    Provides double power output of competitors

    Enables full 2.4A Apple charge and charges iPhone 6S 50% faster than its own charger

    Supports any mobile device irrespective of brand/model

    Designed for a seamless integration with Atdec’s Systema™ and Visidec™ Focus monitor desk mounts.

    Provides easy access to 4 charging ports (2 power sockets and 2 USB fast charging ports) or customised to your needs for projects.

    Dual 10A GPO socket

    Dual USB charging port. Shared output power 5A Charges x 4 times faster than your standard PC USB port

    The sockets can be customized to include

    Color options include

    Black (model: APM01U-001)

    Silver with black sockets (model: APM01U-002)

    White with black sockets (model: APM01U-003)

  • What is IDR

    Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR)

    The intelligent chip inside the USB charger recognizes the mobile device and provides the optimal amount of power to charge it as fast as possible. It supports any mobile device irrespective of brand and model and provides the optimal amount of power requested and required by the mobile device.

    What makes the Atdec Intelligent Power Module different?

    • Safe

    • Short circuit protection

      Input and output current overload protection

      Surge protection

      Independently tested to the latest European safety and EMC standards

    • Universal compatibility

    • The IDR technology allows the USB charger to charge any device irrespective of brand or model and provide optimal charging power to each connected device.

      Apple, Android, Blackberry and all other device compatible

    • Quality and Performance

    • Gold plated contacts

      Designed to last in the most demanding commercial environments

      Fast charging of multiple devices simultaneously

    • Lowest stand-by power

    • Stand-by power using less than 0.1W resulting in significant cost savings for businesses

    • Integrated

    • Integrated seamlessly at the base of the SYSTEMA™ (selected models) and VISIDEC™ Focus monitor mounts to deliver an ultimate ergonomic and space-saving solution

    Indicative charging times from 10% to 90%

    • Device

    • Sony Experia Z1

    • iPhone 6S

    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet

    • iPad 3/4

    • Time

    • 2:23

    • 1:29

    • 2:36

    • 3:45

  • User safety

    Businesses have a responsibility to ensure their electrical systems are safe. The Atdec Intelligent Power Module provides safe above desk access to USB charging and power outlets. The Intelligent USB charger is designed to work with any device irrespective of model or brand and charge it at the optimum rate (just like the device’s native socket charger), this ensures all users devices can be charged as fast as possible and minimizes any risk to the power network or user.

    • USB charging requirements in the business environment:
    • Safety of employees
    • Safety of the network
    • Longevity
    • Performance
    • Universal compatibility
    • Low stand-by power

    Peace of mind for businesses

    Allowing staff to use unregulated USB chargers in the office represents a risk to businesses - particularly as they are often left plugged in overnight, thus creating a potential fire hazard. This is in addition to the human safety risks that cheaper chargers can create. Businesses need to take back control of electrical safety and portable appliances by discouraging staff from using personal USB chargers in business environments. High quality components ensure the Atdec Power Module does not overheat and in the unlikely event of an issue will initiate a self shut down response.

    All-in-one integrated space-saving ergonomic solution

    The power module integrates seamlessly at the base of the SYSTEMA™ and VISIDEC™ monitor mounts which helps to optimise the use of work space. Ergonomics are simultaneously enhanced by moving the power outlets above the desk which discourages users from putting unnecessary strain on their bodies by reaching around for chargers in the often awkward places USB and power outlets are often found.

    Commercial grade. Designed to last

    From the outer casing to the internal circuitry, the Atdec Intelligent Power Module is manufactured in Australia from high grade materials to ensure an extended product life and a quality operating experience. It is designed to use as little power as necessary when not in use which helps to prolong the products life.

    Lowest stand-by energy consumption

    Atdec Intelligent Power Module has the lowest stand-by rating in the industry. It exceeds the European Commission's regulations for standby power, including the IPP 4-star rating of less than 0.1W. This offers considerable environmental and cost saving benefits to businesses, particularly those with large a employee base.

    Future proof your investment

    The Atdec Intelligent Power Module's ability to ‘talk’ to devices helps to ensure it is compatible with any device, even those that are not yet on the market. It’s generous power output of up to 2.3A is capable of supporting any USB powered device now and into the future.

  • Universal compatibility with portable devices

    The Atdec Intelligent Power Module is designed to provide the optimum amount of power to any device that supports USB charging irrespective of brand or model. The dual USB port can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously at up to 4 x faster than a standard PC USB port. It will charge the latest Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Google and all other devices at the fastest possible speeds and is compatible with other USB devices such as cameras, GPS navigators, MP3 players, etc.

    Safe for the user, safe for the devices

    Cheap low voltage chargers and cables have been attributed to house fires and other electrical accidents. This is often due to overheating or short circuits that are introduced when cheaper components and materials are used. The Atdec Intelligent Power Module is manufactured in Australia from high quality components and has built in protection from over voltage, over current, overheating and short circuits ensuring the safest possible experience for the user. It is safe for use with all USB powered devices.

    Easy access to 4 charging ports

    Atdec has integrated the power module into the SYSTEMA™ and VISIDEC™ FOCUS monitor mount ranges to provide easy access to the power and USB charging ports. Ergonomic and friendly, the power module is a natural addition to the monitor support and is located in what otherwise would be an unused space.

  • Approved for all Australian, European, Canadian and United States safety standards


    Standard for Furniture Power Distribution Units

    Standard for Relocatable Power Taps

    CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 21
    Standard for Cord Sets and Power-supply Cords

    Safety of AV & ICT Equipment

    Standard for Electromagnetic Compatibility

    Safety Certifications
    EN60950-1:2006+A11:2009 + A12:2011

    EMC Certifications
    EN55024 -2010


    AS/NZS 3112 (compliant)
    Standards for AC Plugs and Socket-Outlets

    Safety Certifications
    EN60950-1:2006+A11:2009 + A12:2011

    EMC Certifications
    EN55024 -2010

    Regulatory Compliance Mark


    Complies with BS5733

    CE Marked by ATDEC

    Safety Certifications
    EN60950-1:2006+A11:2009 + A12:2011

    EMC Certifications
    EN55022:2006+A1:2007 EN61000-3-2:2006+A1/A2:2009 EN61000-3-3:2006 EN55024 -2010