Atdec Referral Program
Welcome to our exclusive campaign focused on driving $$ to your bank account - with a fun twist. Accumulate points to earn cash, and the chance to win the grand prize: a flight and two-night stay at the famous Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. Below, you can discover how to earn points, cash credit, and exactly what it takes to win the grand prize.
Step 1. Earning Points with Atdec
As qualified opportunities are introduced to your Atdec Sales Rep and won, you will earn points. The bigger the deal, the more points you earn. We’ll keep you updated on your points balance and notify you about your rewards.
Action Amount/Qty Points
Qualified Lead Introduction:
Reseller for Disty/End user for Reseller
1 2
Account Mapping Call with Atdec BDM 1 5
Attending Atdec Sales Training Session 1 5
Demo Unit with Purchase 1 10
Opportunity Won $0 - 10k 15
$10k - $25k 20
$25k - $40k 30
$40k - $60k 50
$60k + 75
Step 2. Converting points to cash
Step 2. Converting points to cash Card Value
2 $10
15 $50
30 $100
40 $250
50 $500
75 $750
150 $1,000
250 $1,250
Every 50 Points Beyond 250 $250
As your points build up, we will send you digital gift cards that can be used right away.
The Grand Prize
Whoever has the highest points balance (and a minimum of 40 points) at the end of the campaign - May 31st, 2021 - will receive a free trip to San Diego. This includes two plane tickets and a two-night stay at the Hotel Del Coronado located right on the beach. Each month, you will receive an email with your points balance compared to the top 3 scorers.
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