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Dual display crossbar on 15.7" post with F-clamp. Max load: up to 15lb per monitor
The AWMS-R40-H-S dual display desk mount is a cost-effective solution designed to support two displays on a 15.7" post. The crossbar features a horizontal rail which enables display position adjustment in both directions to accommodate monitors of different sizes and landscape/portrait configurations.

This solution is part of the Atdec modular family and features the following individual components:

1 x AWM-LC-S channel clamp, 1 x AWM-LR-S crossbar, 1 x AWM-P40-S post, and 1 x AWM-FH-S desk clamp.

Ideal for: two monitors up to 27" in a side-by-side landscape configuration as well as landscape/portrait set-ups. Perfect for dual screen configurations in set-and-forget scenarios where focal distance adjustment is not required.

Upgrades: monitor requirements may change over time, often from two smaller monitors to a single large format display (i.e. from 2 x 24" to 43" or ultra-wide 49"). This can be easily achieved by replacing the dual crossbar with the AWM-LTH heavy duty VESA head (sold separately).

Functionality specifications:
  • 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 VESA. Recommended load: 4-15lb per monitor
  • Up to 11lb of counterbalance for uneven loads (different monitor weights)
  • 9.3" of horizontal display movement
  • Landscape to portrait monitor rotation
  • Glare control and optimal viewing angle adjustment via tilt and pan capabilities
  • Adjustable display height

Design considerations:
  • Small footprint
  • Modular, adaptable and upgradeable design
  • Available in Silver finish
  • Sleek, supple design
  • Made of durable aluminum that can be easily recycled at the end of life

  • Simple assembly using modular parts
  • Quick release/attachment mechanism for easy installation and monitor replacement
  • 20-degree tool-free monitor angle adjustment
  • Choice of desk mounting options
  • Advanced cable management
Customize AWMS-R40-H-S
AWM-LC-S   + $37.00
AWM-LR-S   + $254.00
AWM-P40-S   + $63.00
AWM-FH-S   + $51.00

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In stock


You will receive the following components:
    VESA compatibility
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    Product Details
    Product code AWMS-R40-H-S
    Upgradable to carry additional display No
    Material Aluminum
    Color Options Silver, black, white
    Warranty 10 years
    Minimum display weight, lb 4
    Flat screen: maximum supported weight, lb 15
    VESA mounting hole pattern 75x75, 100x100
    Maximum desk thickness allowed (inches) 2.68
    Range of movement
    Spring assisted height adjustability No
    Rotation around pole -
    Tilt adjustment Yes
    Pan adjustment Yes
    Landscape to portrait screen rotation Yes
    Height adjustable Yes

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