Sydney, AustraliaAtdec’s unique Levitate monitor arm is designed for the most demanding environments. This monitor arm is in a class of its own, it is designed to achieve the utmost flexibility, durability, premium design and ergonomic support in even the most challenging environments.

Levitate is highly successful in intensive multi-user workspaces. This highly flexible monitor arm can be used across a vast spectrum of display types and functions with ease. It frees the display to move naturally and allows individual users to manage their displays to suit their own needs.

This is particularly important in the broadcast media industry for companies such as 2DayFM, one of Australia’s leading radio stations. This is a true example of the need for good use of space in a fast paced, 24 hour environment.

Users in this environment need convenient and efficient access to displays of all types from control panel touch screens to 26” monitors. There are multiple users of these workstations throughout the 24 hour broadcasting cycle and each user has specific needs for their display types, distance for reading, ergonomics and accessing information. The broadcaster has to route core operational functions for broadcast through the displays so it is crucial that each monitor is quick and easy to adjust.

2DayFM uses Levitate to manage its huge workload on a daily basis. The heavy duty durability and unprecedented flexibility of Atdec’s Levitate mount supports a variety of different displays and fulfills a multitude of roles in this intense, live broadcast environment.

Note some of the features of Levitate for the broadcast industry:

  • Each individual mount is adjusted for different displays in different roles, including broadcaster-specific displays and touch screens.
  • The Levitate mounts minimize infringement on the user’s workspace.
  • The displays are suspended at convenient locations above the work area.
  • A large amount of desk space is automatically freed up by using the Levitate.
  • Full rotation allows fast and easy management of the displays.
  • Cables are managed neatly and safely within the arm itself.

These are critical, high value factors in the broadcast environment. A broadcaster may spend several hours in the same workspace and as such ergonomic comfort is very important in this job. The broadcasters have to focus on their displays every second they’re on air, as often these displays are required to provide important real time information. The displays are quite literally part of their role. They have to achieve good time management and fluency on air throughout the entire program. The Levitate monitor arm makes the display information instantly available for them.

2DayFm is using state of the art technology in the classic role for which Levitate was designed; High usage environments with maximum user adjustability. Levitate is designed to manage space and ergonomic comfort in the workplace. It provides full accessibility in any workspace. No other mount in the world can provide the same degree of multi-role operational flexibility. As you can see, Levitate is right at home in the busiest environment.

Atdec mounts are the obvious choice in multiple mounting situations within the broadcast media industry. 2DayFM hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O also utilise the Spacedec range (pictured: SD-AT-DK and SD-SA-DK) in the live room to ensure that all crucial information is quickly and easily accessible.

About Atdec:
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