Winsted case study

Partnering on a next generation control center for a national defense organization
Command and control centers require adaptive and robust display mounts
Command & Control
Adaptive and robust display mounts for high performance areas
Location: EMEA | Europe
Partners: Winsted and S&S Office Interiors
Executive Summary
The reimagination of a European defense organization’s primary command and control center is credited with enhanced operational precision and increased facility safety – with Atdec mounts playing a key role. The project harnessed the experience of technical furniture specialist and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Winsted and Dublin-based commercial furniture consultants S&S Office Interiors, to design and specify a best-in-class solution. Atdec mounts were selected for their flexibility and to reduce monitor bounce, which helped lift operational precision.

Atdec stably and space-efficiently mounts multiple monitor configurations including large and curved displays. The AWM family was selected for its modularity, construction, performance, local representation, and confident delivery dates despite prevailing logistical challenges worldwide.
Deliver a world-class command and control center that enables operational improvement, future-proofed for upgrades in the years ahead. The European defense organization further sought confidence in ongoing local collaboration and support.
Control room console close up rail mounting
Winsted control consoles with Atdec AWM monitor mounting
Winsted control consoles with integrated cable management and device storage were selected, including Winsted’s proprietary Insight Versa Trak for monitor arm placement versatility. The consoles were topped with Atdec AWM modular monitor mounts, most configured for dual displays. Some triple and complex six-monitor array arrangements were included. Black monitor arms and cable management were selected to esthetically complement the furniture and devices.
Approached through the lens of human-centered design, this project has achieved an holistic increase in ergonomic wellbeing, eliminated trip hazards, and enabled incremental but meaningful operational performance improvement due to device stability. The installation is future-proof so the client can upgrade, move, or expand the center cost-efficiently – confident in the combined local support.
We’re delighted to recommend Atdec desk mounts are used when we quote with Winsted projects. The product quality is exactly what our customers require in the critical command and control environment and conform to our human factor and ergonomic requirements.
Andy Graham, EMEA Sales Director, Winsted.
Designed and built with multiple partners, this control centre uses high performance Atdec display mounts
Partner Network
Atdec has built partner networks that add value in our target regions of Europe, Middle East, Asia (EMEA), North America, and Australia, New Zealand. Our goal is to expand channels to market by providing the best quality products coupled with highest level of care and support to our partners. We actively promote continuous improvement across product, partner empowerment, and logistics.

Winsted is a long time Atdec partner, even offering the Insight Versa Trak which enables monitor arm mounting at any position on the desk for maximum precision. Winsted recommends Atdec monitor mounts for high performance applications where stability and bounce mitigation are high priority.
Using the Atdec monitor arm system on projects such as this gives our client great versatility along with a class leading product alongside the Winsted range.
Alan Spain, Managing Director, S&S Office Interiors Ltd.
AWM Series
Atdec engineered AWM for high performance in unlimited monitor configurations and where futureproofing is a consideration. Esthetics are central to AWM with sleek minimalist design available in black, white, and silver.

The AWM family is modular to enable infinite configurability. AWM components are manufactured in recyclable aluminum, with precision machining and polish for smooth operation. Dynamic arms have a visual spring-tension gauge for simple and fast installation and adjustment, and optional mechanical rotation limiters to avoid interference with walls, partitions, and other displays. Cable management is a priority for safety and a visually harmonious workspace. Various accessories are available for the AWM family of products.

AWM enables effectively infinite series of displays in one or two vertical stacks (Atdec’s ADB or ADW families are recommended where 3+ rows of displays are vertically stacked). In addition to display mounting, AWM offers notebook or pad mounting trays. Display and device configurations are limited only by goals and imagination, with thousands of permutations in the field across six of the seven continents.

Organizations in which facility managers and IT departments maintain varied monitor configurations benefit from AWM’s modular construction. Configuration and floorplan changes are simplified as AWM desk mounts can be modified without disassembly.
Atdec is proud to partner with Winsted for their mounting solutions. We provide a high-performance mounting system delivering Winsted’s end users a feature rich and adaptable solution that provides a lifetime of ergonomic benefit.
Warwick Bowen, EMEA Sales Director.

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