The Atdec Deal Registration Program (“Deal Registration Program”) is designed to reward Atdec’s authorized reseller partners for supporting our products in accordance with Atdec’s Authorized Reseller Partner Program. Atdec recognizes that the support offered by Partners for our products is paramount to our success in today’s competitive market. Our goal for the Deal Registration Program is to offer a “hassle-free” experience, providing protection for the deals you generate with your end-user accounts.
Atdec Partners:

All Authorized Partners ordering through Atdec’s channel distributors, (Ingram US/CA, Synnex US and AB Distribution.
Direct resellers who are registered Atdec partners can participate in the Deal Registration Program.
To be an authorized Atdec Partner, Atdec’s MAP Policy must be adhered to.
Atdec Products:

The registration of deals by Partners is possible for all Atdec products sold through our US Channel.
Deal Registration – Prospect – Exclusivity – Exclusivity Period:
By registering your deals with Atdec, we ensure privacy and support to assist in closing the deals.
Atdec wishes to reward Partners who inform Atdec about an opportunity, and support them during the deal-making process by providing such Partners a competitive advantage through the registration of a possible deal with a third party (“Prospect”). A Prospect can only be registered if it is not already registered by another Authorized Partner.

Approved deal registration ensures that the Partner is allotted a three (3) month exclusivity period (“Exclusivity Period”) to close the deal with the Prospect. During this Exclusivity Period, the Partner that has registered the Prospect will have exclusivity to the discounted product and Atdec’s in-house sales teams, who will not be allowed to negotiate a similar deal with that Prospect (“Exclusivity”).

Atdec stands by its hassle-free approach to deal registration by requiring “no minimum revenue and no minimum quantity” to register an opportunity. Demo units are also available once the deal registration is reviewed and approved by our Channel Sales Team.
Deal Registration Discount:
Atdec will reward its Partners by providing an additional discount (“Deal Registration Discount”) on the current distribution price to any Partner submitting a Prospect in the Deal Registration Program and successfully closing a deal with said Prospect within the Exclusivity Period.
All registered deals closed by a Partner entitle that Partner to a 7% Deal Registration Discount.

Register and quote a like-for-like Atdec product on competitive bids to receive an extra 2% off (9%) and a $100 gift card if the deal is closed.
Submission of a Deal:

The Partner shall submit the opportunity for deal registration through the Atdec Partner Portal
The Partner must complete all fields in the deal registration form.
If multiple Partners submit the same Prospect, the “first come, first served” principle will apply based on the date and time of the Prospect submission by the different Partners.
Atdec shall not be held accountable for any late, inaccurate, or otherwise incomplete opportunity submissions by the Partners.
Approval or Refusal of the Deal:

Atdec will approve or reject the submitted Prospect after review with the Partner. Atdec shall notify the Partner of its decision by email within 1 business day. If the Prospect is rejected, Atdec will inform the Partner of the reasons for rejection.
A Prospect can be rejected due to the following circumstances: - The information on the Prospect is incomplete or insufficient. - The validation discussion did not provide enough information on the validity of the deal registration. - The Prospect has already been registered by another Atdec Partner.
Registration of the Deal:

If the Prospect has been approved, Atdec will register this Prospect in the Deal Registration Program.
The Partner will be notified of the registration by email. In this notification, Atdec shall state the deal registration reference number and the date of registration. This date will be the starting point of the Exclusivity Period.
When the Exclusivity Period comes to an end, the registration of the Prospect will expire. Expiration of the Exclusivity Period shall have the effect that the Partner loses Exclusivity regarding this Prospect and that Partner loses the right to receive the Deal Registration Discount from Atdec or Distributor as described in this Deal Registration Program.
The Partner can, however, re-register the Prospect, and benefit from a new three (3) month Exclusivity Period if the Prospect is re-validated by Atdec.
Renewal of the Deal Registration:

In the event the three (3) month Exclusivity Period expires, and the Prospect has not ordered (an) Atdec product(s), the Prospect can be registered again through the Atdec Deal Registration Partner Portal
The Partner must complete all fields in the deal registration form, and the process will be started anew by the Atdec Channel Sales Team.

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