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We are dedicated to sustainable product design and development

Environmental Credentials

Since its foundation in 1998 Atdec has been dedicated to sustainable product design and development.

Certificate of Non-Use

We do not use harmful substances or chemicals in the production of our mounts


Designed for Disassembly

All Atdec products are designed in order to minimise their impact on the environment. As such, all Atdec products are "Designed for Disassembly" (DFD). DFD means making products that can be taken apart easily for recycling at the end of their life. Processes are as follows

- Components which are of adequate quality can be refurbished or reused.

- Metallic parts can be separated easily into categories which increases their recycling value.

- Disassembled plastic parts can be easily removed and recycled, or disposed

Designed for Durability, Strength and Extended use

Atdec is committed to sustainability and through the use of new and innovative technologies we improve the quality, durability, environmental compatibility, and affordability of our products. Our products go through a testing of 10,000 repetitive movements to ensure the mechanisms work as intended even in intensive use environments.


Atdec makes full use of recyclable and recycled materials where possible. Aluminium, steel and plastics are the materials of preference for all Atdec products because of their inherent recycling properties in addition to their performance properties. Aluminium in particular has a high value as a scrap metal and is therefore one of the primary metals in all Atdec products. The steel used in our products is relatively easy to separate through magnetic extraction, and it is the world's most commonly recycled material. For our packaging we use recyclable paper made of recycled materials wherever possible.