Facilitating remote work is imperative right now and many businesses are in the process of assisting their staff with the transition.
Whether it's a laptop or a desktop monitor, proper ergonomics and comfortable set up is an important element of employee’s health and well-being. 
We’ve selected a handful of products that can make transition to a temporary or permanent workstation effective and easy. 

Savings on all desk mounts for home office

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  1. A-STSCB
    Sit-to-stand desk riser, desk clamp attachment
  2. A-STSFB
    Sit-to-stand desk riser, freestanding base
  3. AWMS-2-ND13
    Dual notebook & monitor combo - 24.33" dynamic arms on 5.31" post

    From $401.00

    To $431.00

  4. VFS-DH
    Dual or single monitor desk mount. Max load: 26.5lb per display (flat or curved)
  5. AF-AT
    20.7" long pole with 16.6" articulated arm
  6. AF-AT-D
    17.7" long pole with two 18.7" articulated arms
  7. AWMS-2-4640
    Dual 18.11" monitor arms on 15.75" post

    From $296.00

    To $326.00

    Direct to desk spring-assisted monitor arm

    From $265.00

    To $309.00

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