5 Reasons Modular Mounting Solutions Are
The Best Fit For Today’s Modern Office

Adaptable. Open. Collaborative. Modular. These are the words used to describe today’s modern office space. While you might
associate the term “modular” with your office furniture, have you considered the role of modularity in your workstation
technology? Just as modular wall partitions and desk systems make it easy to reconfigure a workspace in minutes, modular
technology mounting systems enable you to take your tech displays and other components along for the ride.
5 reasons why modular monitor arms

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Office Space

No matter the application—building construction, office suite design, or technology mounting—modularity equates to the ability to “add on”, offering the flexibility to meet a variety of uses. The technology and workflow changes associated with a dynamic, mobile workforce demand modular solutions for enhanced efficiency and increased productivity, especially in high-demand and activity-based workplaces.

An article in Building Design and Construction cites research from real estate and investment management firm JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) explaining the trend of “traditional” office spaces transforming to accommodate the more informal work styles and preferences of an increasingly Millennial workforce. Noting that 72% of corporate real estate executives are responsible for productivity improvements, JLL finds that decision makers are modifying their facilities to support creativity, focus, and teamwork.

The resulting workspaces are more laid-back, transparent, and efficient—built for collaboration and ready to change at a moment’s notice. This means office furniture and technology need the flexibility to move, shift, and adapt to fit a single worker one minute and a team meeting the next—and then back again. The hardware you use to support your screens and notebooks makes a difference.

The Advantages of Modular Monitor Arm Hardware

How can you ensure your technology best accommodates your employees and “moves” with your modular office? Modular mounting hardware allows you to attach many different arm configurations to create (and recreate) your ideal workspace.
Let’s take a closer look:
1. Maximize Your Space(s)
With digital documents eliminating the need for extensive storage space and flat monitor screens requiring less desktop space than their bulky predecessors, desks are getting smaller and narrower and workstations are shrinking up to 40%. Modular mounting hardware helps optimize this space. When the positioning and angles of workstation technology, from flat screen displays and tablets to laptops, can be customized—and readjusted, as needed—to maximize the “real estate” of the desktop, individuals and teams have more space to be productive.
2. Future-proof Your Investment
When setting up your new modern (modular) office space, you’ll need to buy hardware to support your office technology. This includes workspace monitors and other digital displays. In the spirit of flexibility and adaptability, investing in customizable, modular monitor arms—as opposed to a variety of “one-size-fits-all” solutions—will ensure you’re covering all of your bases. Your space and technology needs will invariably change, so prepare for it from the get-go with hardware that you can easily adapt.
3. Reconfigure, Anytime
Modular mounting hardware solutions are built to accommodate office expansions (or contractions) as well as different and ever-evolving technologies—not to mention more flexible styles of working, such as part-time in the office and part-time at home, which might lead to desk-sharing or more frequent use of common work areas at the office. In fact, WorkplaceTrends’ most recent Workplace Flexibility Study reveals that 75% of employees rank workplace flexibility as their most important benefit, resulting in organizations seeing improvements in employee satisfaction, productivity, and talent retention.
4. Personalize Workspaces
Modular, configurable technology mounting hardware makes it easy to meet user preferences for what types of technology they use while working and how they’re most comfortable using it. Consider the BYOD (bring your own device) trend that continues to impact today’s workplaces: the majority (59%) of companies allowing employees to bring their own devices to work. This means there may be no “standard” solution for technology mounting, making flexibility key. What’s more, modular hardware ensures that screens and other components can always be set to the most comfortable position for viewing and interacting.
5. Ensure Employee Health and Safety
Your employees engage with technology all day long. They may be sitting at their desks for hours at a time, or changing work locations several times a day. No matter how they’re interfacing with their office technology, organizations have a responsibility to help keep employees’ health and safety top-of-mind. Knoll research recommends investing in high-quality monitor arms to position screens correctly and help reduce the eye and next strain associated with awkward posturing.

When it comes to creating a functional, productive, and comfortable office space that meets the needs of a wide range of employees and uses, it pays to consider your technology—and the hardware that supports it. Explore Atdec’s range of adaptable modular monitor mounts and find out how they can evolve alongside the ever-changing needs of your growing business.

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