Day trader desk setups around the world

Be inspired by how these day traders have arranged their displays to optimize visibility of central stock feeds, and create your own with Atdec’s modular mounts.

Day trader 001: Switzerland


A classic bank of six displays with supplementary tablet. The tablet is running Interactive Brokers for when our Swiss day trader is on the go. These 24” monitors remain the most popularly sold size today and are highly represented in the day trader world. We have a pre-configured solution for precisely this setup for that reason, with sliders available to futureproof a display upgrade when you’re ready. Credit.

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Day trader 002: Chicago


This setup also uses the workhorse 24” monitor to good effect, this time with a 2x2 cockpit flanked by portraits. Portrait oriented displays are primarily used for news feeds and message chat feeds such as Slack, Discord, Twitter, or Teams. Note the downward angle of the top center displays, which improves the focal distance of the displays to the trader. Most Atdec mounts have toolless tilt adjustment available, including the assembly shown. Buy Atdec AWMS-6-13717 or talk to us about a multi-post setup

Day trader 003: Manhattan


Space is at a premium in Manhattan. The four displays to the right demonstrate the elegant space saving that can be achieved with wall-mounting. Credit.

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Day trader 004: Illinois


This day trader prioritizes setup mobility with freestanding mounts. Pre-configured freestanding Atdec mounts are available for monitor configurations with up to four screens, including in portrait orientation. The Atdec solution pictured AWMS-2-BT75-FS is a freestanding mount that takes stacked R1000 49” ultrawide monitors. For those not in the know, the forward center of gravity and resultant forces acting on curved monitors make them more challenging to mount. This is why Atdec desktop AWM and AF mounts each have a rating for flat screen capacity and curved capacity. Credit.

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Day trader 005: London


The central cockpit of this setup is two ultrawide monitors, stacked. The lower is Samsung’s G9, a 49” super ultrawide with aspect ratio 32:9 and 1000R curvature radius. Gravity affects curved monitors differently than flat displays, so Atdec developed products within our modular AWM range specifically designed to handle curved displays from the smaller 32” end to super ultrawides like Samsung G9. The trader with this setup explained that they clamp mount to the desk (no drilling) – a post solution with our ­heaviest duty head for curved displays up to 18kg or 40lb (rated to 25kg or 55lb capacity for flat displays) would be ideal. The head has a 20° range to tilt forward or backward, enabling a cockpit setup as shown. Credit.

Please bear in mind that tilting curved monitors unavoidably creates a gap or an overlap of the display enclosures.

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Day trader 006: NYC


We had to include this dual stacked 49” monitor day trader setup, it’s a beautifully composed image in NYC’s pre-dawn. Many owners of stacked ultrawides avoid tilting the displays, using monitor mounts like AWMS-2-LTH75 to achieve the clean lines in this image. Credit.

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Trader 007: UK trader by day, gamer by night


Day trader 007 is appropriately based in the UK. Another Samsung ultrawide display, the CHG90 49” 144hz model. What sets this setup apart is the trader’s canny use of wall mounting. Trader 003 above used fixed swivel wall mounts for their compact setup. Trader 007, whose desk is also pushed to the wall, has instead used a full motion wall mount which extends 506mm or 20”. Where suitable for your office setup, wall mounts can be a versatile and often more cost-effective solution. Atdec offers a variety of wall mounts with single and dual arm construction. Atdec’s (currently) largest full motion wall mount extends 980mm or 39” from the wall to deliver extreme freedom of movement. Credit.

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Day trader 008: Prague


Trader 008 is a fan of vertical or portrait-oriented displays for their data feeds, topped with landscape-oriented displays for time/performance graphs and conventional news. This trader specializes in gas trading so needs optimal visibility to stay ahead of the volatility. The pre-configured Atdec solution pictured has landscape displays however each head can be rotated 90°, without removing the display. Each arm can be vertically repositioned on the post to accommodate your ideal combination of landscape and portrait monitors.

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Day trader 009: Bremen


Including this to inspire the mobile traders out there – you need your laptop on the go, and there’s a solution once back in the office. This is a solution render produced for a trader in Germany. They were using German analytics platform Guidants, as well as MetaTrader 4 and software for IG Markets, all of which have dense data. They approached us to help improve ergonomics to get an incremental edge. The images we received showed two monitors on low foot, laptop on the desk, external keyboard at the same height as the displays – as unergonomic as it gets! You imagine the trader hunched over the screens cultivating a solid neck ache and long term back issues, as well as perpetual eye strain headaches. On top of those short- and long-term physical consequences, the trader had less visibility of their core screen stock movements.

The Atdec mount pictured right holds a single display and laptop. It can be upgraded with a crossbar to hold two displays together on the left arm, or an additional independent dynamic arm can be added for a second monitor. Atdec modular solutions can be upgraded to keep pace with your changing needs, 100% futureproof.

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