Digital Signage for the Real estate: Helping to Inform & Engage Clients

In the modern era of the internet, businesses have many opportunities to attract new customers. According to reports, approximately 45% of real estate brokers agree that technology is the greatest challenge they have to overcome as agents. To gain utmost exposure, real estate agents may display digital real estate signage to inform and familiarize their customers.

Display signage can make a huge difference. The internet has its advantages, but digital display is beneficial for real estate agents to promote listings locally. It helps them to show the latest visuals of properties to approach local buyers. A real estate display signage can be an important tool for attracting new consumers and expanding their reach.

Businesses can use some good ideas to spark creativity to amplify the visibility of their brand. These ideas might not be suitable for every business, but they can be timely.
Atdec digital sign mounting

Use of digital media

Property listings remain a key focus for real estate businesses and its customers. The listings are the first impression the customer has about a property. Everybody has a stake to ensure that the listing is as professional as possible. This includes the seller, buyer, and agent. It is now easier than ever to create dynamic slideshows, videos, and virtual tours of properties using technological advances. This type of engaging content is a great way of grabbing the attention of people who pass by the listings and create a competitive advantage for the business.

Visuals of property

Video elements are a good medium to draw attention to the property. Approximately 73% of homeowners believe that video is more effective in attracting attention. If the company is using video as a medium, why not highlight it in the display system of the company? There is digital signage software that allows businesses to embed YouTube videos in just a few clicks. Experts suggest agents consider using drone photography and video to enhance their listings. According to the MLS, property publicized using aerial images sold 68% more quickly than those with standard images.

Good advertising should never sleep

Out of sight is out of mind. The office of a realtor may be closed but that does not stop the digital signs displaying the next hottest listing in town. Real estate agents should make sure to include call-to-action such as contact number or email addresses for anyone walking by that may be interested. A QR code could also be added to the listings so if anyone sees a preferable listing, they can use their Smartphone to find out more information. It is a great way for agents and businesses to keep in touch even when they are not physically there.

Atdec digital signage for real estate agencies

Reviews from satisfied customers

A happy customer can look forward to their new home every time a property is sold or rented. Agents can create digital signage of happy customers by linking their window displays to social media.

The reviews of satisfied customers are a great way to build trust and can be a good source of references in the future. Positive reviews from current and former clients also help businesses to put their best foot forward. Though companies should not make it seem like they are bothering clients by asking them to take an extra favor. A majority of home sellers (more than 6%) have agreed that they are willing to write reviews for their agents.

What can Atdec bring to the table?

Atdec understands that every business is important and should have the ability to reach the mass audience. Atdec has created exceptional digital signs and mounting solutions that are easy to install and use. Professionals at Atdec are aware that to create great window displays in order to magnify the presence and approach of a business, a company does not have to be tech-savvy. From finding the right hardware to installing digital displays and visual attractions, Atdec is there throughout. A wide range of mounting options allows users to customize their screens according to their specific needs as well as to be used to showcase social media. These include YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook wall.

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