Digital Signage is the New Normal

Digital signage has gone beyond simply improving customer experience. Digital signage offers endless marketing possibilities for numerous businesses, making it an indispensable tool for hospitals, universities, transportation hubs, retail stores, and more.

To name a few benefits, this tool enables businesses and organizations to communicate with stakeholders efficiently, helps stores boost sales, and most of all, digital displays are extremely beneficial in times of an ongoing pandemic.
Atdec remote digital signage for health advice

Queue Management

Social distancing is not always the most convenient, especially in crowded, public spaces. This is where digital signage comes to use. By displaying real-time customer counts of the location, managing the no. of people in a particular space becomes an easier task. Whether the location is a retail shop, a restaurant, a meeting space, an elevator, or anything else, digital signages are an asset. Furthermore, digital signages that provide clear instructions for self-checkout counters at places like the grocery store and the pharmacy contribute improved and efficient queue management.

Product Availability

Times have changed. Although the shift from offline to online commenced long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the worldwide outbreak undoubtedly enhanced the world’s dependence on technology. For example, customers don’t need to rely on a salesperson for information, they can simply check the digital signage for the required information including pricing and product availability. Having the information readily available leads to quicker decision-making and a more productive use of time.

Atdec digital signage maintain distance

Foot Traffic

From fashion brands and retailers to grocery stores and restaurants, digital signage works for all types of businesses. It captures the attention of the people in the vicinity of the area. Its ease of upkeep makes it convenient for store owners to display a relevant message. It allows store management to get creative in countless ways. Apart from creating captivating digital signs, store owners can customize the time of display according to preference. A different message for the morning, a different message for the afternoon, and so on.

In-person Interactions

Although digital signage is not able to replace all aspects of high-touch retail interactions as in-person interactions are a major part of the retail experience, it can still be employed to replace certain aspects of retail interactions that don’t rely on physical contact.

Customer Expectations

Digital signage is particularly widely used in retail sales environments. However, this does not mean that it is not as helpful in other areas. Expectations, policies, and information can be made clear through digital signs, safely and effectively keeping customers well informed with the latest updates.

Atdec new normal pandemic digital signage

Supply Chain Problems

Retail leaders need to manage customer expectations. While some customers can understand the complexities and respond well to items that are out of stock, some customers may not react as calmly. Therefore, placing a digital sign with an explanation can help reduce the no of negative reactions. Other than explanations, stores can also display inventory, a list of products, and so on using digital signage.

Easier and Quicker to Update Prices

In addition to constant supply chain issues, retailers experience and deal with inflationary pressures on a regular basis - in some circumstances daily. It is a lot easier and quicker to update prices and communicate price changes through digital signs rather than tags or printed signs.

The right digital signage allows store management to automatically update their pricing database. While customers may not appreciate increased prices, they will appreciate consistent and clear communication.

More Impactful

Most digital signage software programs make it rather simple to create attention-grabbing signs and have them displayed on screens in a matter of seconds. Paper posters require printing and reprinting, which can be costly and time-consuming. Case in point, digital signage offers a more cost-effective alternative to printed signs.

Health Campaign

Digital signs can act as a powerful tool for brands to communicate their messages revolving around health, safety, and wellness to their target audience. This is especially important during times like the ongoing pandemic.


After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the communication power of digital displays is more crucial than ever. As previously discussed, digital signages help businesses in terms of attracting people and encouraging customers to purchase more. Combining these two aspects is the key to restoring sales to how it was pre-COVID-19. Affordable and advantageous.

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