How Modern Offices are Using Wall-Mounted Technology Screens

Today, workplace technology encompasses more than PCs, WiFi, connected copy machines, scanners, and the like. Modern offices are making creative use of wall-mounted technology screens that helps enhance the experiences of employees and visitors—to inspire innovation, support productivity, enable effective communication, and so much more.

While a modern office’s technology plan most definitely includes wall-mounted screens that seamlessly integrate into the design of a workplace and its various spaces, it’s how they’re being used—and what’s on the screens—that counts.
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Company Branding

It’s important for both consumer marketing and company culture-building that businesses present a distinct and consistent brand image. The physical workplace can be considered the nucleus for establishing and clearly demonstrating the brand’s “look and feel,” especially in reception areas where customers, vendors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders gather to meet and greet.

Here’s how wall-mounted technology screens rise to the branding challenge:

  • Showcasing the company’s brand “commercial” or a series of rotating images
  • Exhibiting other branded content, from sample work to digital artwork
  • Presenting relevant news headlines or news feeds
  • Promoting office events and other happenings
  • Sharing company social media feeds
how modern offices are using wall company branding

Corporate Communications

Wall-mounted technology screens play a central role in broadcasting essential company information, from HR or the corporate HQ, that may frequently change or contribute to the success of specific events and programs going on at the office.

Here are just a few examples of how modern offices are using mounted screens for communications:

  • Displaying daily schedules or events
  • Wayfinding
  • Advertising important dates and deadlines
  • Highlighting employee recognition or “star employees”
  • Being available for on-demand and ad-hoc use
how modern offices are using wall corporate communications

Team Collaboration

Technology monitors are used in almost every type of group meeting, from informal team pow wows and formal conferences, to those taking place in large spaces shared by groups of employees working together.

Here’s a look at the most common applications:

  • Video conferencing with remote team members
  • Viewing websites and streaming video
  • Sharing dashboards and data visualizations
  • Presenting slides and images
how modern offices are using wall team collaboration
  • Displaying data across massive video walls
  • Projecting large-scale dashboards or visualizations
how modern offices are using wall team collaboration2

Modern office spaces are getting creative with digital signage—and require high-quality wall-mounting solutions to support both the technology and their goals.

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