In-window digital signage

There’s no avoiding it: Bricks-and-mortar retail businesses are facing the fight of their lives. Not only are they competing with online businesses, but to attract the potential customers’ attention they are also constantly battling against smartphone screens, billboards, and all manner of advertising.

To survive, retail businesses need to find new ways to engage and entertain consumers. And nothing does this better than digital signage.
In-window digital signage

Capture more customers with vibrant, dynamic images and video

Nothing catches a customer’s eye like moving, breathing digital images and video. The brilliance and energy of a digital screen is impossible to ignore, commanding attention in a way static images simply can’t. And with multi-screen modular installations, the effect is multiplied.

With the right choice of mounting, you can place your digital screen in the ideal position and orientation for optimal customer engagement. Modern mounts allow screens to be easily tilted or panned in any direction, all while securely fixed in place. By subtly adjusting screens as the lighting conditions change, you can prevent glare and achieve perfect clarity all day, and luminous intensity at night.

In-window digital signage

Single or multiple, portrait or landscape, fixed or temporary–the options are endless

There’s a lot to think about when deciding what kind of digital signage will suit your business. First off–are you looking for a permanent display, or something you can use as and when needed? For the ultimate in versatility, you can opt for temporary mounting of digital signage using display stands or mobile carts. Or if your main concern is freeing up your window space for other displays, ceiling mounts are a great option.

But if you know you’re going to be using digital signage in the long term, your mounting options expand significantly. Multiple screens can create an immersive and wholly absorbing display that will stay in customers’ minds long after they leave your store. You can combine multiple screens in perfect alignment by choosing a mount with user-friendly height and micro adjustment capabilities.

In-window digital signage

If you prefer to keep it simple, a single-screen display with the right content can still make a big impact. No matter what screen size you’re after, you can find a mount that will not only hold it securely in place but even allow for easy adjustments in height and orientation.

Create a versatile window display that changes as you do

Digital signage gives you the opportunity to promote not just one product or feature, but everything that makes your business and your products special. Let customers know about new products, promotions, loyalty programs and more, as they happen.

In-window digital signage

With digital signage, you can present a united front across multiple store locations to reinforce your branding and message. There’s no need to distribute advertising material to stores any more– content can be distributed and displayed at all your store locations instantly. Change your message as often as you like without ever having to install a new display.

When you create videos and images that are entertaining and enhance your customers’ experience, you are sending a message that will stick in the customer’s mind. Here’s your chance to show them the possibilities–how much better life could be with your products. The right signage can make sure you are the first company they think of when they need the products you stock.

Digital signage is the only way to keep up in today’s retail landscape

Apart from catching their eye, digital signage also shows your customers that you are moving with the times. You care about your products and you care about what the customer is looking for in their shopping experience.

It also frees up time for your staff to do what’s most important–look after your customers. No more wasted time changing and setting up window displays; now it can all be done at the click of a finger. And when the time comes for maintenance and servicing, a good mount makes it quick and easy to access the hardware.

In-window digital signage

Good digital signage is an investment. And it’s not just about a great screen with excellent picture quality. Just as important is the way you present your screens. You need a good mount that is flexible and adaptable so that your message is communicated exactly how you want – facing the customer, preventing glare, and in a position and orientation that brilliantly showcases everything your business has to offer.

Today’s mounting solutions are stylish, robust, and infinitely modular to let you achieve whatever goals you may have for your digital signage. Ready to take the first step? Take a look at Atdec’s range of digital signage mounting solutions.

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