Digital information flow in quick-service restaurants

In today’s fast-paced world efficiency is everything, and nowhere is this truer than in quick-service restaurants (QSRs). Strategically placed digital displays in QSRs help both front-end and kitchen staff to get the job done quicker, while also creating a unified, future-forward brand image.

From the customers’ perspective, digitization of ordering and payment make the experience both enjoyable and memorable–which ultimately increases sales.
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Create an unforgettable brand image and experience

In the QSR industry, brand image is all-important. Digitization creates a premium, modern image for your company. Customers will know exactly what they can expect when they step into one of your stores. Well placed, dynamic images and video facing out from the restaurant catch the eye and remind the customer what it is they love about your food and service.

Your menu board can also make a real impact, commanding attention and showcasing not just menu items but also specials, promotions, and loyalty programs. A robust, high-quality screen and modular mount can ensure that these screens are vibrant and eye-catching both day and night.

Unlike static menu boards, a digital menu board can be synchronized with your POS system and automatically adjusted according to changes in pricing, inventory, and time of day to make sure it is always completely up to date.

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Improve ordering volume and efficiency

In quick-service restaurants, efficiency is king. Customers simply want to communicate what they want, and receive it–as quickly as possible.

Digital service kiosks are modern, fast, and easy to use–the epitome of what customers are looking for in a QSR. Menu options are displayed in vibrant, mouthwatering color accompanied by the most accurate, up-to-date information. Customers can make their selections and even complete payment at the touch of a finger. The process is so quick that customers need never wait in line again.

Streamline the kitchen

With seamless digital information flow through the restaurant, staff efficiency is maximized. The days of jumbled, oily order slips and missed or botched orders are over.

Customer orders can be automatically added to a digital list in the order they are received, and displayed clearly to all kitchen staff. Screens can be mounted on the wall or ceiling to maximize use of space and ensure the screens don’t interfere with the process of food preparation. And with a modular mount, they can easily be tilted and rotated so that they are always optimally positioned, no matter what the lighting conditions or where staff are working.

Orders from in-store kiosks and from your website or app can be instantly combined so that everything appears in a single list on a single screen. There’s no need to think about prioritization – it’s all done for you. And once orders are completed, the to-do list can be updated with a single click. A more efficient process in the kitchen means more satisfied customers.

QSR screen banner
QSR screen banner

Maximize satisfaction, maximize profits

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. With outstanding efficiency and satisfied customers and staff, you’ll gain the edge over your competitors and reap the rewards.


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