Modular desk mounts

Choose from a range of flexible options.

From highly adjustable interactive arms all the way ti creating your own configuration with out Modular range.

Modular desk mounts
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  1. AWMS-2-BT75-G
    Super heavy duty dual mount with grommet clamp
  2. AWMS-2-BT75-FS
    Super heavy duty dual mount on freestanding foot
  3. AWMS-2-LTH75
    Heavy duty dual mount

    From $410.00

    To $452.00

  4. AWMS-2-4640
    Dual 18.11" monitor arms on 15.75" post

    From $419.00

    To $479.00

  5. AWMS-2-D40
    Dual dynamic arms on post

    From $413.00

    To $625.00

  6. AWMS-2-ND13
    Notebook-monitor combo mount

    From $551.00

    To $595.00

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