Ora for dual monitors Designed for curved, perfect for flat

The power of two

Two monitors have been standard in many workplaces for years. While ultrawide displays have grown in popularity, dual displays continue to be preferred by some. The central reason is flexibility. Flexibility in monitor orientation and position, ease of application use and placement, and managing inputs from multiple CPUs.

Designed for curved, perfect for flat with a dual clamp

A Duo of Ora

Separate monitor arms for dual setups is widely preferred due to the relative flexibility available in that configuration. This advantage is usually offset by price and installation imperatives; however Ora’s innovative production and construction mitigates those factors, leaving the functional advantages to stand.

Use an Ora duo for dual setups, for all of the benefits & none of the usual cons.

Designed for curved, perfect for flat for monitors up to 35inch
Designed for curved, perfect for flat and superior ergonomics
ORA to futureproof future monitor upgrades

A better dual solution.

Mount dual monitors with an Ora duo, so you can make your ideal setup on your terms. Retain independence of monitor configuration and superior performance.

ORA DUO for two monitor setups is a better choice

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