Client: Varde
Location: London
Designer: KKS
Dealer: Rainbow Office Design
Global investment adviser Varde – Swedish for ‘value’ – is focused on investing capital and resources across multiple segments and markets. It seeks out the hidden opportunities that other advisers may overlook, combing a diverse range of investment options to uncover undervalued assets and unlock their true worth.

Founded in 1993 in Minneapolis by a group of three experienced investment specialists, Varde has now grown to a team of 90 professionals and over 210 support staff. At offices around the globe, Varde’s investment experts collaborate in cross-functioning teams to create maximum returns for their clients.

For its new office at its headquarters in Minneapolis, Varde wanted ergonomic workspaces with large, multi-monitor displays. Rainbow Office Design, on behalf of Varde, engaged Atdec to find an efficient mounting solution.
  • Each workstation required either dual or triple monitor mounts with minimal encroachment on the limited desk space, as well as flexible focal distance adjustment.
  • Positioning of monitors had to complement sit-to-stand workstations, with a comfortable focal distance for users.
  • Up to three large monitors of max. 560 mm width needed to be freely adjustable within a small space.
  • Wanted the ability to create larger displays through the combination of multiple monitors with perfect alignment.
  • Needed easy above-the-desk access to power and cables for convenience, and to allow for effective utilization of below-desk space.
  • The AWMS-2-4640 & AWMS-3-4640 system of a post and dual or triple monitor arms was a neat and space-efficient way to support up to three monitors.
  • Positioning the monitors right at the back of the workstation maximized desk space while achieving optimal focal distance for users at sit-to-stand workstations.
  • The AWM-HS slider accessory enabled easy horizontal movement of the monitors, permitting adjustment of large monitors even in triple formation. Monitors can be used independently or in combination, while maintaining a comfortable focal distance.
  • Perfect symmetry of the mounting system meant perfect alignment of monitors when brought together.
  • Integration of Atdec’s intelligent above-desk power module (APM) into the monitor arm achieved a streamlined appearance, while the combination of USB-A and USB-C ports allowed both old and new devices to be charged safely and quickly.
  • The mounting system worked perfectly with the above-desk power modules, preventing tangling of cables beneath the desks and enabling power savings when not in use.

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