TH-VW Video Wall Configurator

The ATDEC TH-VW Universal Video Wall Mounting System is a modular mounting solution which provides the flexibility to mount a video wall configuration in portrait or landscape, with any number of displays.

The system comprises of 2 lengths of display mounting brackets and 4 lengths of wall plates.

This tool will assist you in selecting the optimal configuration of TH-VW components depending on:

  • Display Dimensions
  • Number of Displays per row
  • Number of Rows desired.

NOTE: This tool makes the following assumptions:

1 Choose your video
wall orientation

2 Enter display

wall configurator

3 Enter VESA

wall configurator

If you don't know the exact offset dimension please confirm that the VESA holes are centered

4 Specify your

wall configurator

In some very rare cases the configurator may not return any results due to the fact that it can't find the right combination of the wall plates to support your specific configuration. Should this be the case, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] or 02 8729 5000 if you experience any such difficulties and require assistance.

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