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Client: Financial Services Firm
Location: North America
As financial services firms look to evolve their trading floor technology, experts and traders alike are expressing their desire for ever-increasing amounts of data to be visible to them at all times. Supporting this are significant advances in display technology, particularly in large format and, in some cases, with large format curved displays.
“The current challenge fortrading desk manufacturers is to deliver a display support solution that makes it easy to install and maneuver large displays,so as toprovide the best experience for the trader.”
Additionally, this solution must be achieved without the possibility of monitor arm components crossing over onto an adjacent desk, as most trading desks are now sit-to-stand.
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Pictured: Atdec's AWMS-HXB suports a 43"/26lb monitor.
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In 2017 and 2018 many of Innovant’s financial clients faced these challenges in delivering large format displays (32” and 43”) to the desktop on their trading floors. The solution had to deliver monitor support for displays weighing up to 40lbs yet still be easy to install and manipulate according to each trader’s particular needs for distance and viewing angle. In 2018, Atdec delivered their new series of AWM monitor arms that included a new heavy-duty dynamic monitor arm for monitors up to 40lbs. Combined with AWM monitor arm posts, brackets, and VESA mounts, all of the AWM series of monitor arms has interchangeable parts to deliver the exact range of motion and position desired by clients, irrespective of monitor size (there can be significant variation in monitor size from one manufacturer to another.)
The Result
The AWM series of monitor arms, when properly specified using their interchangeable components, delivers the most efficient route to supporting large format displays that require dynamic adjustment and adequate support. Furthermore, the built-in rotation limiters within all AWM monitor arms provide our clients the peace of mind that their trading technology displays will not collide with adjacent desks. All of Innovant’s late 2018 and 2019 financial clients are now successfully utilizing the AWM series of monitor arms in both standard lifting capacity and heavy duty lifting capacity, with many of them actually seeing a price improvement over previous multi-display arrays.
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