Security enhanced and adjustable

  • Secure public-facing installation
  • Hidden cable management
  • Full 360° or optional limited rotation
  • Height adjustment and tilt features
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Elegant and streamlined

  • Sleek design and sophisticated look
  • Easy monitor sharing
  • Upgradeable to dual back-to-back
  • Available in silver, black or white
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Versatile and robust

  • Customizable to workflow requirements
  • Adaptable to proprietary devices
  • Secure integration into existing solutions
  • Fully interchangeable and upgradeable
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Infinitely configurable

  • Infinite mounting possibilities
  • Modular family and bespoke options
  • Interchangeable and upgradeable
  • Tailored to screen size and weight
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Popular solutions

Pre-configured point of service solutions cater to the most demanding POS environments and can be streamlined to the specific requirements of your project.

  1. SD-POS-HA
    Height adjustable point of sale desk mount. Max load: 44lb
    Fixed height point of sales desk mount. Max load: 44lb
  3. SD-DP-420
    16.5" long 1.65" diameter pole with display head. Max load: 26.5lb
  4. SD-DP-750
    29.5" long 1.65" diameter pole with one display head. Max load: 26.5lb
  5. SD-DP-1150
    45.25" long 1.65" diameter pole with one display head. Max load: 26.5lb
  6. AF-M-P
    17.3" post with 4.88" arm
  7. AF-AT
    20.7" long pole with 16.6" articulated arm
  8. APAS-AAP-P400
    POS 15.75" pole with display articulating arm. Max load: 22lb
  9. APAS-HA-P400
    POS 15.75 pole with short display angled VESA head. Max load: 22lb

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