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Display stands

Display stands can be ideal for small and tricky spaces, in-window retail displays and trade shows, with floor bolted, freestanding, and
wheeled options. Display stands can be adapted to a range of parameters and environments, with floor-to-ceiling, single, and
multiple-display options.

Pole-mounted floor and floor-to-ceiling mounts

These options are perfect for when the available space is limited, and/or wall attachment points are unavailable. Applications include
in-window retail and real-estate and trade show displays. Watch the 3D video to see what’s possible…

Floor stands

Floor stands are lightweight yet incredibly strong. Displays can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation and clustered
together. From a single display application all the way to multi-screen video walls, the modular system allows an infinite number of

Popular Solutions

  1. ADBS-1-4FBB
    Single freestanding floor mount (18.9" rail, 70.87” post)
  2. ADBS-2X2-17MFB
    2 x 2 freestanding floor mount (68.9” rails, 70.87” posts)
  3. ADBS-3X2-30MFB
    3 x 2 freestanding floor mount (118.1” rails, 70.87” posts)
  4. ADBS-1X2-4FCF
    1x2 floor-to-ceiling mount (two 18.9" rails, 59.05" pole)

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