Space saving and ergonomic

  • Minimal surface footprint
  • Sleek streamlined design
  • Height adjustable for operators
  • Tilt options for customer convenience

Stable and security enhanced

  • Robust steel construction
  • Secure payment terminal stands
  • PCI security compliant
  • Compatible with payment terminals including Ingenico,
    Verifone and Yomani

Configurable and upgradeable

  • Customizable to workflow requirements
  • Adaptable to proprietary devices
  • Secure integration into existing solutions
  • Fully interchangeable and upgradeable

Popular solutions

Offering five popular solutions to meet the needs of high-demand POS applications and environments. Click on a popular solution to discover detailed specs.

  1. APAS-HTML-F150
    Freestanding POS display mount (5.9" pole)
  2. APAS-HB2B-P400
    POS 15.75" pole with back-to-back display VESA head. Max load: 22lb per display
  3. APAS-AAP-P400
    POS 15.75" pole with display articulating arm. Max load: 22lb
  4. APAS-HTM-P300
    POS 11.8" pole with short top-mounted display VESA head
  5. APAS-AP-P400
    POS 15.75" pole with display 7.87" arm. Max load: 22lb
  6. APAS-HA-P400
    POS 15.75 pole with short display angled VESA head. Max load: 22lb

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