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Monitor mounting solutions for every day trader

Day traders passionately debate optimal computer system setups. There is no element more hotly contested than application windows and monitor configuration.

Single display, multiple, curved, number of display layers, and position angle greatly determine how much data – stocks, news, communities, and more – can be monitored at a given moment. The amount of information that different people can productively consume to  synthesize actionable insights varies just as widely. We sell monitor mounts to day traders in EMEA, North America, and Asia-Pacific, and with insight of those interactions built a high-level guide to mount monitor configurations used by day traders around the world.

Given you may spend 7 to 12 hours a day in front of your monitors, it’s important to get the configuration and ergonomics right. Your long-term health and trading success will thank you.


Which day trade setup suits you?


Trading may be a side gig, necessitating a laptop for urgent moves when on the go. The monitor in your home office improves visibility and ergonomics that will enable you to consume data and react to it more rapidly and confidently. Especially vital if you’re burning the midnight oil readying to make the jump to full time trading.

Your characteristics:

  • Multitasker
  • Excellent long-term project planning
  • Resilient & resourceful

For you: Dynamic monitor & notebook combo AWMS-2-ND13

Dynamic monitor & notebook combo AWMS-2-ND13

For you: Dual mount with swing arms AFS-AT-DC

Dual mount with swing arms AFS-AT-DC

Essential dual

Day traders tell us that this is the minimum to consider for a fixed (non-laptop) day trading setup. With 2 x 27” displays you can watch SPY/Nasdaq/ASX/FTSE, 1-minute tickers, and trends for three focus stocks while monitoring news and messages.

Your characteristics:

  • Function is the priority
  • Thrifty & cautious
  • Focused & zone distractions out

Elegant ultrawide

Ultrawide monitors are super popular, with a 49” curved display delivering the same screen-space as 2 x 27” flat panels. This solution enables day traders to monitor the same essential feeds as the above setup on one sheer display, with a superior viewing experience that is less arduous on the eyes. The most popular ultrawide is 34”, with 49” screens (pictured) the preferred premium option.

Your characteristics:

  • Early adopter of technology
  • Detail orientated
  • Prioritize esthetics & design

For you: Heavy-duty dynamic mount AWMS-HXB

Heavy-duty dynamic mount AWMS-HXB

For you: AWMS-2-BT75-FS for large deeply curved ultrawides

Ninjatrader day trading setup
Atdec AWMS-2-BT75-FS for day traders using ultrawide monitors
AWMS-2-BT75-FS for large deeply curved ultrawides

Stacked ultrawides

Day traders able to concurrently manage a larger number of stocks require more display real estate. Stacked ultrawides are the go-to solution in the premium space, with the mount pictured extremely popular in both black and silver. The huge amount of screen space is enhanced via the eyesight-friendly curved format. Many users of this solution tilt the top display ~10° downward for a cockpit feel.

Your characteristics:

  • Determined & confident
  • Superior analytical processing skills
  • Candid preference for luxury

Freestanding flexibility

Recommended for day traders that want the flexibility to relocate without disassembly and reassembly. For complete freedom we recommend a quad desk mount which can be configured for one, two, three, or four displays, in horizontal or vertical configuration.

Your characteristics:

  • Highly independent
  • Welcome new experiences
  • Avoid lock-in contracts

For you: Freestanding quad mount VFS-Q

Freestanding quad mount VFS-Q

For you: Mount for 6 monitors AWMS-6-13717

Mount for 6 monitors AWMS-6-13717

Unlimited possibilities

Day traders experiment and expand display configuration to keep pace with the number of stocks concurrently focused. If this sounds like you, futureproofing is a must. Modular and upgradable, Atdec mount components are building blocks that rearrange as your trading cockpit evolves.

Your characteristics:

  • Avoid assumption
  • Mitigate risk of lock-in
  • Look beyond the 3rd horizon

Popular with day traders

Did you find your ideal setup in the list? Get yours here.

  1. AWMS-2-ND13
    Notebook-monitor combo mount
  2. AFS-AT-DC
    Dual swing arm mount
    Heavy duty dynamic monitor arm
  4. VFS-Q
    Quad or triple freestanding mount
  5. AWMS-2-BT75-FS
    Super heavy duty dual mount on freestanding foot
  6. AWMS-6-13717
    Hex monitor mount

Ergonomic design & premium features

Atdec mounts are engineered for premium esthetics, superior ergonomics, and high technical performance.


viewing angle & display orientation adjustment.

Display quick-release

mechanism for easy monitor replacement.

Post stability

Extra-sturdy internal mechanism to prevent post movement in multi-screen solutions.

Sophisticated cable

Ensures a neat and professional look. Installation time is further reduced thanks to the guided indicators on three sides of the 4-channel post.

Modular construction

Untlimited mounting possibilities & progressive build of your ideal cockpit

Extendable post

allows for cost-effective upgrades from a single row to multi-level configurations

Built-in rotation

180o rotation stopper to prevent interference with walls or desk partitions.

Heavy & curved displays

Solutions for the largest deep-curve displays & complete freedom of configuration

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