Notebook mounts

Companies large and small have adopted notebook mounting solutions to mitigate the OH&S strains associated with frequent laptop
use. Perfect for multi-device workstations and the agility required for 21st century work modes.

Desk-mounted notebook stands

  • Ideal for BYO device office set-ups
  • Raise laptop screen to eye level
  • Multiple ergonomic adjustments
  • Single or multi-device options

Popular solutions

Choose from a variety of solutions to accommodate a single notebook or multi-device. All mounts are designed to be used with external mouse and keyboard.

  1. awms-ndb-f-s with laptop
    Dynamic notebook solution
  2. AWMS-2-ND13
    Notebook-monitor combo mount

    From $551.00

    To $595.00

  3. AF-AT-NBC-P
    Notebook monitor arm combo mount

Can't see your ideal solution?

Check out Modular desk mounts for monitors and notebooks.

Monitor Mounts

Putting the infinite into the possibilities. Modular is your ticket to ultimate configurability and upgradeability.

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