high performance

Control room growth

Command and control centers for production, utilities, logistics, security, and government services are growing. Atdec’s ergonomic design, precision manufacturing, and consultative channel-lead approach makes control rooms an ideal opportunity for our partner ecosystem.

control room growth

Visual technologies

Graphical data visualization is control room best practice. Atdec’s modular desk mounts provide virtually unlimited control console display configuration. They are complemented by wall, floor, and ceiling display mounts for single, dual, or videowall display capability.

visual technologies

Robust decision making

Control rooms enables people to make oftentimes critical decisions flawlessly, with technology useful in so far as it equips that decision making. Atdec advises partners on appropriate and futureproof display mounting solutions for rapid analysis and action.

Atdec is experienced partnering on command and control room projects, recommending wall and console display mounts to enable data visualization. Our solutions enable diverse display configurations, futureproofing, and sustainability goals.

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Control Rooms with Atdec

High performance
High performance

Smart control rooms improve operations

  • Optimal production throughput
  • Improved asset productivity
  • Actionable insights in near real-time
  • Enhanced data utility & value
  • Better local & remote collaboration
  • Accelerate digital transformation
Eliminate wastage
Eliminate wastage

Smart control rooms decrease delays & errors

  • Reduce disruption & downtime
  • Streamline operating costs
  • Better manage & respond to environmental reporting & exception incidents
  • Simplify multi-jurisdictional regulatory compliance & reporting
  • Operate more efficiently across production, security, utility, & healthcare facilities
Human centered
Human centered

Smart control rooms use technology to empower people. Smart control rooms enable smart people to make robust decisions quickly.

  • People are the principal control room asset
  • Environment, structures, & technology are arranged to empower operators
  • Enabling operators to digest multiple datastreams concurrently & maintain visual connection with colleagues is vital
Globally significant
Globally significant

Operator wellbeing improves performance & smart control rooms correlate with profitability:

  • Control room errors cause security lapses, lost production, & reduced network capacity
  • Human factors cause 40% of control room errors & can be mitigated by environment
  • Smart ergonomic control rooms decrease human factor errors; an estimated 30% of errors could be avoided with human centered design & UX consideration
  • Control room errors have major social & economic impact with 5% of global production lost annually
Build compliant to ISO 11064
Build compliant to ISO 11064

Smart control room design:

  • Principles for ergonomic design, renovation, & capability uplift
  • Facilitate operations via large format wall mounted data feed display
  • Workstation monitor configuration for robust real-time decision making
  • Sit-to-stand desks with easily adjusted displays for operator welfare
  • Environmental esthetics for operator wellbeing & team collaboration
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Make optimal display mounting part of your control room

Atdec Values

  • Prioritize humans. We help people interact comfortably, safely, and effectively with technology.
  • Personalized solutions. We bridge the gap between infinite mounting possibilities and your ideal solution.
  • Sustainable components. We minimize environmental impact with reusable and recyclable parts.
  • Creative optimism. We are solutions-oriented to imagine unlimited design possibilities.
  • Innovation. We continuously innovate products, solutions, and practices.

Atdec Partnership

  • Responsiveness. Local support you can talk to and dedicated partner consultants that are empowered to solve problems.
  • Product. Quality products with identified purpose for easy specification.
  • Installation friendly. Engineered for and tested by our partners.
  • Logistics. Substantial local inventory investment shields us from supply chain challenges.
  • Pricing. Fair and mutually beneficial throughout the channel.

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