Client: Volvo SMT
Designer: Thackray UK Limited
Location: Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Furniture: Task
Since 1967, Volvo SMT (Services Machinery & Trucks) has been a market leader in the production of construction equipment, with a stellar reputation built on its sustainability initiatives, customer service, and continual innovation. Innovation is central to everything Volvo does, from design through to production.

When it comes to its workspaces, Volvo applies the same forward-thinking mindset. Volvo asked Thackray UK Limited to design a new workspace for their office in Duxford, Cambridge (UK) that would encourage open thinking and collaboration amongst its workers. Thackray turned to Atdec to help make the workstation design a reality.
  • Some desks needed to support a thin client and a monitor with a single, space-effective solution that would preserve maximum desk space.
  • Most desks had to support a second monitor in addition to the thin client and primary monitor.
  • Users wanted a neat and convenient power source above the desk to connect and charge devices.
  • Facilities management and IT wanted the flexibility to convert dual solutions to single-monitor mounts should staff change their working role or screen usage.
  • Users needed to be able to easily adjust the position and direction of the monitors from their seat without having to strain.
  • The solution needed to fit in with the monochrome colour scheme of the office design.
  • Atdec’s AWMS-D13 dynamic spring-assisted monitor desk mount was an elegant solution to support both thin clients and monitors.
  • Two AWM-AD arms were attached to a single 135 mm pole, which was simply and securely attached to the back edge of the desk, occupying virtually no desk space.
  • Where necessary, Atdec’s AWM-AHX heavy-duty arm was used in place of one of the AWM-A13 arms to bear heavy loads, allowing a thin client and a monitor to be supported with a single arm (with the second arm holding a second monitor).
  • AWM-AD arms are spring assisted with three articulating joints and portrait-to-landscape capability, an ergonomic design that offers complete flexibility in position, depth, and direction.
  • The AWM-HS monitor slider accessory was used for an extra level of modularity, allowing the monitors to slide horizontally for adjustments with zero loss of desk space.
  • Atdec’s intelligent above-desk power module (APM) was integrated at the bottom of the mounting post, for a streamlined appearance and the ultimate in convenience. The combination of both USB-A and USB-C ports allows both old and new devices to be charged safely and quickly.
  • All elements of Atdec’s solution blended in perfectly with the monochrome theme of the office’s overall design concept.

Featured products

  1. AWM-HS
    Monitor slider accessory. Load: up to 15lb per display
  2. AWM-AD
    24” dynamic arm
  3. AWM-AHX
    Heavy duty 23.5” dynamic arm

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