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Monitor arms are an essential component of ergonomic workspaces. They help users to adjust their monitors' height, angle, and position to reduce eye strain, neck and back pain, and other common ergonomic problems. Choosing the right monitor arm clamp is an important decision, as it will determine the stability and flexibility of the arm.

In this article, we will discuss the six most common types of monitor arm clamps and where best to use them.


Atdec C-clamp


The C-Clamp is a versatile clamp that can be used on flat or curved surfaces, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings. It is the most common type of clamp and is popular for home offices or small businesses where a simple and easy-to-install solution is required. 

C-clamps have a low profile under the desk. Desks with cable trays or other equipment under the desktop, particularly where the desk is of a slide-out model, may require a low profile like the c-clamp to avoid interference with other desk equipment.

Atdec’s AWM C-clamp has a capacity of 16kg or 35lb.


Atdec F-clamp


F-Clamp is another popular type of monitor arm clamp that is used in many offices. This type of clamp is designed to fit on desks that have an overhang or lip.

F-Clamps are useful where installers have little space between the rear of the desk and a fixed partition or wall. Clearance for the thin ~6mm or ¼” top piece of the F-clamp is usually possible, whereas a C-clamp may not fit.

Atdec’s AWM F-clamp has a 12kg or 26.5lb capacity.


Atdec heavy duty F-clamp

Heavy-Duty F-Clamp

The Heavy Duty F-Clamp is a larger version of the F-Clamp that is designed to handle even heavier monitors and large multi-monitor setups including the 6-monitor AWMS-6-13727 or dual stacked 49” R1000 monitor stand AWMS-2-BT75. It is ideal for use in industrial settings or larger workstations where more secure mounting is required.

Atdec’s heavy duty AWM F-clamp has an 18kg or 40lb capacity.


Atdec bolt through

Bolt Through

Bolt Through clamps are a popular choice for office environments because they provide a sturdy and permanent mounting solution. This type of clamp requires a hole to be drilled through the desk or workstation, allowing the clamp to be bolted in place. Bolt Through clamps provide secure mounting with very little hardware.

Atdec AWM bolt through fixings have a capacity of 12kg or 26.5lb.


Atdec grommet


The Grommet clamp is designed to fit into a pre-existing hole in the desk or workstation. It is commonly used in office environments where desks have pre-drilled holes, providing a neat and clean appearance. Grommet clamps are secure and easy to install, making them a popular choice for office spaces.

Atdec’s grommet clamp has a capacity of 16kg or 35lb. This can be increased to 18kg or 40lb when used as a bolt through kit.


Atdec rail mount


The Rail clamp is a unique type of clamp that is designed to attach to a rail system, allowing for greater flexibility and adjustability. It is commonly used in industrial settings or on workstations that require frequent adjustment of the monitor's position, as installed by a commercial furniture OEM.


Atdec wall bracket


Special mention: wall fixings

Monitors can be affixed to walls where space is tight in busy offices, or in service areas without a desk. Wall fixings are available for single or multiple monitors to be mounted.

Atdec’s AWM-W wall fixing has a capacity of 18kg or 40lb.


Choosing the right type of monitor arm clamp is crucial for ensuring a safe and comfortable ergonomic workspace. Whether you choose a C-Clamp, F-Clamp, Heavy-Duty F-Clamp, Bolt Through, Grommet, or Rail clamp, it's important to consider the size and weight of your monitor, the type of desk or workstation you have, and your individual ergonomic needs. By choosing the right clamp and following the manufacturer's instructions for installation and use, you can enjoy the benefits of a flexible and adjustable monitor arm in your workspace.

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