Atdec's Ora Monitor Arm Clinches Coveted Good Design Award Japan 2023

SEATTLE, W.A. - October 05 2023 – Atdec, a global leader in ergonomic workspace solutions, is delighted to announce that its innovative Ora monitor arm has been awarded the prestigious Good Design Award Japan 2023. This recognition reaffirms Atdec's commitment to delivering state-of-the-art products for current and upcoming display technologies, that seamlessly blend ergonomic excellence, contemporary aesthetics, and an exceptional user experience.
Atdec Ora wins Good Design 2023 Japan

Ora with a 34" curved monitor

Good Design Japan holds an esteemed global reputation for its thorough assessment of design brilliance and innovation. Atdec's Ora monitor arm emerged as a standout in this year's competition due to its exceptional design attributes and its significant positive impact on workspace ergonomics and functionality.

Ora has been meticulously designed to cater to the demands of modern workplaces, offering a multitude of benefits that have resonated with users and industry experts alike:

Ergonomic Excellence: Ora places user well-being at the forefront, delivering an ergonomic solution for monitor placement. It provides users with the ability to effortlessly adjust monitor height, tilt, and focal distance, promoting a comfortable and productive workspace.

Effortless Mass Installation: Designed with efficiency as a top priority, the Ora monitor arm is optimally crafted for rapid and uncomplicated mass installation. Smart features include a thumb-knob clamp connection, always accessible 1-touch rotation limiter switch, and generous cable management. This is valuable for partners and commercial furniture construction teams.

Sleek Contemporary Design: Ora has a sleek and contemporary design that seamlessly blends with any workspace. Its clean lines and premium finish add an element of sophistication to office setups, creating a visually appealing environment.

Exceptional User Experience: Atdec's commitment to user experience is evident in the Ora monitor arm's intuitive design and seamless operation. Users can effortlessly tailor monitor positions to their liking, boosting productivity and comfort.

Universal Compatibility: Ora has been designed to accommodate over 85% of the monitors sold in the past year, ensuring it can meet the diverse needs of a wide range of users. Commercial furniture partners can specify Ora for virtually all single and dual office desks.

"Atdec is dedicated to crafting products that enhance the way people work and live," said Atdec CEO Jerome Green. "We are thrilled to receive the Good Design Award Japan 2023 for our new monitor arm Ora. It underscores our commitment to ergonomic excellence, innovation, and providing an exceptional user experience. We firmly believe that a well-designed workspace positively influences productivity and well-being, and Ora epitomizes this philosophy."

Good Design Award Japan 2023 recognizes Atdec's ongoing efforts to create solutions that empower individuals and organizations to optimize their workspaces. This award highlights Atdec's ability to deliver products that excel in both form and function, setting new benchmarks within the industry.

About Atdec:

Atdec is a global leader in providing ergonomic workspace solutions, specializing in monitor mounts, workstation accessories, and digital signage mounts. With a commitment to design excellence, innovation, and user well-being, Atdec is dedicated to creating products that enhance the way people work and interact with technology.

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