Benefits of ultrawide monitors in the workplace and how to mount them properly

According to a new study, office workers spend nearly 1,600 to 1,800 hours in front of a computer screen every year. It makes sense that since we spend so much time with (and in front) of our devices, we would want the best monitors to keep us company throughout the day. We also need to ensure that the monitor arm mounts chosen will be able to accommodate all monitors.
Atdec monitor mounts for ultrawide single and stacked dual monitors

Why choose an ultrawide monitor?

Lately, business customers are choosing ultrawide monitors over the popular 24" dual monitor setup. Though dual monitor setups have been the norm in the past, ultrawide displays offer unique benefits that can enhance efficiency and productivity, plus they are easier to manage and install.

Some of the main benefits of ultrawide monitors include:

Boost employee productivity

Today's jobs require people to run multiple applications simultaneously, so widescreens are ideal for most work situations. Workflows across a wide range of industries and activities require multiple windows and tabs to operate simultaneously. Furthermore, mounts for ultrawide monitors allow easy adjustments between computer users, which would be very difficult (if not impossible) if the monitor were simply placed on your desk.

Instead of constantly switching between tabs on dual displays, employees can easily carry out side-by-side tasks on ultrawide monitors. Once set up efficiently, employee workstations will be able to withstand and juggle various activities at the same time.

The latest versions of several popular business applications take advantage of ultrawide resolutions. On an ultrawide monitor, employees can see far more columns in a sheet of excel than on a traditional 4:3 display. Additionally, many cloud-based business tools come with dashboards and windows that adapt to a wider screen resolution, allowing staff to view more information at once, reducing the need to switch between tabs, and enhancing productivity accordingly.

More desk space and less cable clutter

Setting up multiple monitors without mounts can take up quite a bit of desk space because of the stands, power cables, and connectors. It also means more connectors may come loose or break, adding to the business's support costs. Nobody likes cable issues!

The monitor mount makes it easier to work in confined spaces. Ultrawide monitor mounts free up desk space and make work more comfortable. While not using the monitor, it can also be moved out the way for extra space.

An argument might be made that using multiple screens simplifies the process of defining applications. Despite this, multiple screens require a lot of desk space due to the cables and stands and may also require adapters or other additional equipment to work with one PC.

However, with a single Ultrawide monitor with a mounting setup, not only does it provide more useable desk space for employees, but the simplicity of the configuration allows IT staff to install and maintain these workstations at a reduced cost and less time.

The comfortable and natural viewing experience

As another advantage to using an ultrawide monitor with mounts, the panoramic, curved display provides a more comfortable and natural viewing experience compared to looking at two monitors simultaneously.

Best mounts for ultrawide monitors

A strong, stable, and adjustable stand and mounting is essential for an ultrawide monitor. This will allow users to adjust the height, tilt, and swivel settings for maximal performance, which will make it more comfortable and help increase productivity.

A strong alternative is to mount an ultrawide monitor in offices for conferences or presentations. Always look for ultrawide monitors that can be mounted by ensuring that monitors meet VESA standards. The back of VESA-compatible monitors will feature a standard 4-hole screw pattern. Instead of being restricted by one type of mounting option, a selection will be available to you.

Make sure to verify that the stand is adjustable prior to purchasing an ultrawide monitor.

Curved monitors

Curved monitors are a unique shape and place additional strain on the arm of the monitor. Therefore, they need a stronger mounting option. Dual monitor mounts are ideal because they attach to one pole and allow the upper monitor to pivot downward, making it easy to view.

Check out this mount for dual screen curved monitors: AWMS-2-LTH75


Ideal for: Curved monitors, heavy and large displays, and all-in-one PCs.

Ultrawide single screen Mounting

A single mount for your monitor allows you to rotate, tilt and swivel the display for a more comfortable and individual viewing experience.

Check out this mount for single screen monitor: AWMS-HX40


Ideal for: Monitors with curves, large and heavy displays, and all-in one PCs. The ultimate ergonomic support is provided by the spring-assisted arm. This allows the display to be easily adjusted from a seated position.

Mounting dual monitors in a stacked vertical configuration

Sometimes, desk space can be limited, and it may not be able possible to place three or four displays side-by side. Which is why it is best to stack them vertically. Stacked monitor mounts can withstand and hold larger monitors, such as the Samsung TU874 Series monitors. This creates an immersive workspace. These mounting systems offer the additional benefits of cable management, fine-tuned adjustments, and the ability to move one or both monitors.

Check out this freestanding mount with dual monitors in a stacked vertical configuration: VFS-Q


Adjust the display height, viewing angle, and orientation to meet individual needs. The mount is made from lightweight, yet strong aluminium and can easily be recycled at the end.

Yes! An Ultrawide monitor with great mounting solutions is worth it.

Regardless of the monitor mount chosen, investing in an ultrawide monitor with a great mounting solution will allow you to enjoy extra space at your desk and the health benefits they provide. By providing a 360-degree field of view, an ultrawide monitor enhances multitasking and makes gaming more enjoyable.

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