Beveled Edge Desks: a Comprehensive Guide

Monitor arms are a popular choice for optimizing workspace ergonomics and freeing up desk space. These adjustable mounts can significantly enhance your comfort and productivity. However, not all monitor arms are suitable for every desk type. One common issue that many users encounter is the incompatibility of clamped monitor arms with desks that have beveled edges. In this article, we will explore why clamped monitor arms don't work with beveled edge desks and provide alternative solutions to ensure a seamless setup.
Atdec mounts for all types of desks including beveled edge


Understanding Clamped Monitor Arms

Before we delve into the compatibility issue, let's briefly discuss clamped monitor arms. These versatile mounting solutions are designed to attach to the edge of your desk securely, allowing you to position your monitor(s) at the desired height and angle. Clamped monitor arms are favored for their flexibility and ease of installation, as they don't require any modifications to your desk or wall.

The Problem with Beveled Edge Desks

Beveled edge desks are characterized by their slightly slanted or curved edges. While these desks can be esthetically pleasing and unique, they present a challenge when it comes to using clamped monitor arms. Here are the primary reasons why clamped monitor arms don't work well with beveled edge desks.

Insufficient Surface Area

Clamped monitor arms rely on a flat and even surface to provide stability. Beveled edges reduce the available surface area for clamping, making it challenging to secure the arm properly. As a result, the arm may not hold the monitor securely, leading to instability and potential accidents.

Atdec considers desk clamps incompatible with beveled desk edges.

Risk of Damage

Attempting to clamp a monitor arm onto a beveled edge desk can damage both the desk and the arm. The uneven pressure distribution can cause indentations or cracks on the desk's surface, while the monitor arm's components may become misaligned or damaged.

Limited Adjustment Range

Beveled edges can restrict the range of motion for clamped monitor arms. The angle at which you can position your monitor may be limited, potentially compromising your ergonomic setup and overall comfort.

Safety Concerns

The instability caused by clamping a monitor arm onto a beveled edge desk can pose a safety risk. A wobbly monitor setup may lead to accidents, especially in busy or high-traffic work environments.


Alternative Solutions

Fortunately, there are alternative solutions for mounting monitors on beveled edge desks that offer stability, flexibility, and safety:

Gommet Mounts

Some monitor arms come with grommet mounts that allow you to secure the arm through a hole in the desk, rather than clamping it to the edge. This method can provide a more secure and stable attachment, even on beveled edge desks.

You can see pictures and a discussion of Atdec clamps including grommets here. Most Atdec desk mounts offer a variety of clamps including for grommets.

Freestanding mounts

Consider using a desk-mounted monitor stand that doesn't rely on clamping. These stands typically rest on the desk surface, offering stability and flexibility without damaging your desk.

For monitors up to 32", consider freestanding VFS series stands. Large ultrawide monitors, including R1000, are held by AWMS-2-BT75-FS pictured below. 

Atdec AWMS-2-BT75-FS


Wall Mounts

If desk-mounted solutions don't suit your needs, wall-mounting your monitor(s) is a viable option. Wall mounts can be positioned at the perfect height and angle, providing a clutter-free and ergonomic setup.

The wall mounted dynamic arm AWMS-DW is perfect for displays to 20lb (13.5lb curved), generally monitors to 32". Larger monitors are dynamically mounted with AWMS-HXW. There are many other wall mount options for more specialized requirements.

While clamped monitor arms offer a versatile and ergonomic solution for many workspaces, they may not be compatible with desks that have beveled edges due to issues related to stability, safety, and potential damage. To ensure a seamless setup on such desks, explore alternative mounting options like grommet mounts, desk-mounted stands, or wall mounts. Prioritizing stability and ergonomics will help you create a workspace that promotes productivity and comfort without compromising your desk's integrity.


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