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Interactive monitor mounts

Infinite versatility

Interactive monitor mounts are designed with spring-assisted technology for effortless ergonomic adjustments. A perfect addition for agile workplaces where efficiency and ergonomics are paramount.
  • Multiple-user workstations
  • Agile spaces
  • Sit-to-stand desking scenarios
  • Frequent display re-positioning

Premium ergonomics

  • Height adjustable from a seated position
  • Effortless focal distance re-positioning
  • Full range of motion for glare control
  • Always perfect display height whether sitting or standing

Popular Solutions

Choose from a range of single and multi-screen mounting options.

  1. AWMS-2-ND13-C-S
    Dual notebook & monitor combo - 24.33" dynamic arms & 5.31" post. Load: 0-20 lbs
  2. A-HDA-0818
    Heavy duty spring-assisted monitor arm. Max load: 17.6 lbs - 40 lbs
  3. AWMS-D13-C-S
    Dynamic arm on 5.3" post with C-Clamp. Load: 0-20 lbs
  4. AWMS-2-D13-C-S
    Dual dynamic 24.33" arms on 5.31" post with C-Clamp. Load: 0-20 lbs
  5. AWMS-DB-C-S
    24" dynamic monitor arm desk mount base with C-Clamp. Load: 0-20 lbs
  6. AWMS-D40-C-S
    Single dynamic 24.33" arm on 15.75" post with C-Clamp. Load: 0-20 lbs

Monitor Mounts

Putting the infinite into the possibilities. Modular is your ticket to ultimate configurability and upgradeability.

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