Atdec’s New AWM-P40X Stackable Post Innovation

Customizable solutions shine in high-demand environments with multi-display, multi-device configurations

Seattle, W.A. April 11th 2022 – Enterprise organizations that approach people, workspace, and environmental impact strategically will benefit Atdec’s AWM-P40X stackable mounting post. Launched today, the new post enables fast, low impact, no-wastage changes to monitor number and configurations. AWM-P40X is the backbone of desk mount innovation and a solution unmatched in the display mount market. The post was widely utilized while in limited release by finance, technical furniture OEM, and control center organizations.

Atdec’s AWM-P40X in financial services

Like it’s non-stackable counterpart AWM-P40G , the new AWM-P40X supports virtually unlimited monitor and device arm configurations. The difference is that it can be stacked to double in height from 15.75” to 31.5” in minutes – without disassembly of the first post or even removing monitors. The reverse is similarly easy.

Facility operators working with AWM-P40X report up to 95% reduction in monitor mount changeover time. This has a proportional impact on total time for team relocations, which have become increasingly frequent in enterprise organizations. AWM-P40X reduces wastage through continued use when changing total post height, rather than replacing the original. While AWM products are constructed in recyclable aluminum with unbleached no-plastic cardboard packaging, reuse is significantly more environmentally friendly than recycling.

AWM-P40X stackable post enables extreme flexibility

Optimal monitor configuration is hotly contested amongst professionals that synthesize vast quantities of data, including financial traders, insurance professionals, control room operators, immersive researchers, and design engineers. Proliferating as size and affordability increases, display and monitor configurations are being updated annually by many in these fields. The new AWM-P40X stackable post is an elegant innovation that enables professionals to change display configuration regularly without affecting facilities teams or the environment.

Atdec’s AWM-P40X post is 15.75” and 31.5” when stacked using the AWM-X40 adaptor kit. Available in silver and black, it is for desk mount applications using Atdec’s standard range of fittings (c-clamp, f-clamp, heavy duty f-clamp, grommet, bolt through). The post suits all AWM heads, arms, and dynamic arms as well as options such as mini-PC mounts, laptop trays, and more. AWM-P40X has advanced cable management in both single and stacked formats.

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