Atdec releases the ultimate ‘universal’ monitor arm

Ora fuses lessons from 30-years of monitor arms with modern design & production for a mount that punches above its weight

SEATTLE, W.A., June 26, 2023 – Atdec has unveiled Ora, a new monitor arm to answer most workspace mounting challenges. Ora is “designed for curved, perfect for flat” and delivers robust performance regardless of screen curvature, for all monitors to 35”. Ora suits 85% of monitors sold worldwide in the past 12-months and is the new universal go-to for workspace projects.
Atdec Ora for workspaces

Ora is for every workspace single or dual monitor setup

Workspaces will value Ora’s small footprint and sleek styling, color options, six-point fingertip adjustments, and versatility in single and dual setups. Ora is highly stable and vibration resistant for users to effortlessly position monitors as desired. Ora’s design has a unique single piece monocoque tech pack with box pattern cross section. The compressive structure is reinforced by rib-like longerons that amplify strength to achieve the best monitor capacity and arm stability in its class.

Ora incorporates smart features for furniture and IT installers, reflecting Atdec’s deep domain design expertise. Ora’s desk connection includes an always accessible 180°/360° rotation limiter lock switch that requires no disassembly. The small footprint is part of a desk clamp that, in the two-piece version, has slotted fastener holes to minimize installer time ‘under the desk’ and a single thumb knob tightener. The arm itself assembles with a single point, and both links enclose generous and easily accessed concealed cable management bays. A visual tension indicator enables fast installation of multiple workstations, and a drop-on quick connect VESA head has hands-free click-release for fast and safe monitor swap. Ora comes in a single box with clamp, arm, and assembly tool – a screwdriver is required to connect the VESA plate to the monitor.

Over the past three years Atdec has operated parallel R&D programs to simultaneously expand the AWM modular family for the coming categories of super ultrawide displays, and create the definitive ‘universal’ monitor arm for most commercial workspace applications. The latter project created Ora, based around three core goals; to hold most used monitors, maintain premium performance, and the fastest installation. “Ora was a different development program, looking into history and evaluating new materials and production techniques to solve challenges that experts have worked around the edges of for years,” said CEO Jerome Green.

“With this fusion of innovation and experience, Ora achieved or bettered our core product goals,” he said. “Coverage of 85% of monitors sold in the past 12-months globally means that Ora is the only monitor arm needed for most commercial workspace projects. Achieving this expansive universal capability with premium function, and watching installers get the arms up in under a minute, validates Ora as the definitive workspace monitor arm for single and dual setups.”

Atdec’s modular AWM family of products has continued to evolve for the remaining 15% of monitors and 3+ monitor configurations, with a physical form harmonious with Ora. Ora is available directly and through authorized channel partners, with F-clamp in North America and Australia-New Zealand. C-clamp is standard in UK-EMEA.

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