Streamlining Commercial Projects with Atdec's Bulk Packaging: Faster, Greener, and Cost-Efficient

Seattle, W.A. June 14th 2023 – Atdec, a leading provider of innovative mounting solutions, is proud to announce a game-changing enhancement to its product offerings. We are delighted to introduce bulk packaging for our products, including AWM-AHX, AWM-A46, AWM-LC, AWM-LTH, and the new commercial project go-to monitor arm Ora. This exciting development streamlines mass installation for commercial projects, offering unparalleled speed, waste reduction, environmental sustainability, and cost savings. Each bulk pack contains 20 units, making Atdec the go-to solution for efficient and eco-friendly mounting solutions in commercial settings.

Atdec bulk packed monitor arms

Atdec offers bulk packed monitors arms and modular components to streamline mass installation

Faster Installation for Enhanced Efficiency

In commercial projects, time is of the essence, and timely completion directly impacts overall productivity. Atdec's bulk packaging enables faster installation, drastically reducing the time required to mount multiple units. With each pack accommodating 20 units, installers can seamlessly progress through large-scale projects, significantly minimizing installation time and accelerating project completion. By optimizing the installation process, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency and achieve rapid project turnaround, delivering exceptional results to their clients.

Reduced Waste and Environmental Benefits

In today's era of heightened environmental consciousness, sustainability takes center stage. Atdec's bulk packaging is designed to minimize waste, making it the eco-conscious choice for commercial projects. By consolidating multiple units into a single pack, we substantially reduce packaging materials such as cardboard and plastic, contributing to the conservation of natural resources and mitigating the environmental impact associated with product packaging and disposal. Atdec's steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility aligns with organizations' sustainability goals, empowering them to make responsible and forward-thinking decisions by opting for bulk packaging.

Mass installation with Atdec

Mass installations have substantial unboxing and packaging disposal requirements, substantially reduced with bulk packaging


Cost Efficiency for Budget Optimization

Commercial projects often face stringent budget constraints and cost considerations. Atdec's bulk packaging not only provides significant environmental benefits but also offers substantial cost savings. By minimizing packaging requirements, Atdec passes on these savings to our valued customers. Bulk packaging optimizes the supply chain, effectively reducing logistics and storage costs. With each pack containing 20 units, customers can benefit from economies of scale and enjoy attractive pricing, making Atdec's products even more accessible for commercial projects of all sizes.

Convenience and Reliability for Seamless Project Execution

Beyond the environmental and cost advantages, Atdec's bulk packaging ensures convenience and reliability throughout the project lifecycle. The neatly organized packs facilitate easy handling and transportation, minimizing the risk of damage during transit. Installers can rely on the consistency and superior quality of Atdec products, as each unit is manufactured to the highest standards. The bulk packaging further enhances the convenience of managing and tracking inventory, simplifying stock level maintenance and streamlining future project planning.

About Atdec

Atdec is a leading provider of innovative mounting solutions, dedicated to delivering exceptional products that enhance workspace environments. With a focus on quality, reliability, and sustainability, Atdec is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing cutting-edge solutions for commercial, healthcare, and educational spaces.


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